Lightsaber Forms

Like any other true form of martial arts that deserves to be called like that, the art of lightsaber fighting has seen many styles and variants over the millennia. Some were common and widespread, others were rare and known by only a few Jedi at all. Lightsaberforms work as single skills, like Lore or Knowledge.

Basic Lightsaber Forms

Form I – Shii-cho Form II – Makashi
Form III – Soresu Form IV – Ataru Form V – Djem So
Form VI – Niman Form VII – Juyo

Secondary Forms

Due to the less extensively developed nature of the secondary forms they cost –1 CP to learn when advancing ( the minimum cost is still 1 and this does not stack with other modifiers of a comparable nature ); e.g. raising Lightsaber: Sokan from 4D+1 to 4D+2 costs not four points but three.

Form VIII – Sokan Form X – Jar’kai

Modified Forms

Some Jedi swordsmen are so adapt in one form that they begin to modify it into a personalized style. They work as the basic forms, but have to be bought as specializations. At the beginning one has to buy one complete die, without getting the benefits from it – just to learn the advanced form ( Yes this way higher scores in the basic skill mean higher costs to learn the modified form. This is meant to reflect that especially in martial arts it is difficult
to relearn new patterns after extensive training of others ). Only then a Jedi can try to advance in that form further. Additionally the Jedi has to have at least 5D in the basic form.

Example: The Jedi Master Sumas Vakoth wants to learn the Vaapad style created by Mace Windu. Since it is a Form VII variant she needs at least 5D in Form VII. She has a score of 6D+2 in that form. She needs to advance to a “virtual” 7D+2 to have access to Vaapad. Thus it costs 6 CP for a score of 7D, 7 for 7D+1 and another 7 for the 7D+2. Afterward she knows Juyo: Vapaad with 6D+2. Any further advancement is done like any other specialization (not skill! ).

Obviously a trainer is needed for such variant forms, which are probably very rare, often only one Jedi at a given time knows that style. But remember a Jedi using a modified form also gains the advantages of the basic form and of course has access to the maneuvers. However only maneuvers of the modified form may be done with the according specialization. Example: Jedi Master Tal-Ravis has the skills Soresu 9D+2 and Soresu: Jen-Kar 11D. He attempts to make a Circle attack. Since it is a basic maneuver he only has 9D+2 to roll (with a –1D penalty since it is an offensive action ). Afterwards he performs an Aerial Strike. As this is a modified maneuver he may roll 11D, but still receives the penalty for making an offensive action with Soresu. If he would make a standard attack ( or parry ) without a special maneuver, he can choose in which style that is to be made.

Form III Variant – Jen-Kar Form VII Variant – Vaapad

Lightsaber Forms

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