Gender/Species: Droid
Age: ?
Height: 6’
Weight: 200lbs
Physical Description: Bi-Pedial


Dexterity; 4D

—Blasters (6D)
—Dodge (6D)
—Pick Pocket (6D)
—Throwing (6D)

Knowledge: 2D
—Street Wise (3D)

Mechanical: 2D

Perception: 2D

—Sneak (5D)
—Forgery (3D)
—Search (3D)

Strength: 3D

—Brawling Parry (4D)

Technical: (2D)

—Demolition (3D)
—Security (4D)
—Computer Programming (5D)

Special Abilities:



—Blackouts (+2D)
Some kind of residual program that interferes with normal functions.

—Wanted (+2D)
For what i am guessing is some kind of prior wipe or some kind of residual program imbedded in my program that i am not aware of.


• Sullen: The droid is very reluctant to speak or interact with
other organics. Questions to such a droid must be very specific,
as the unit typically responds with as vague an answer as possible.


Generic Droid Model Equipment:

- Integrated comlink
- Remote receiver
(5,000 km range)
- Body armor (+1D to
Strength to resist all damage)
-Vocabulator (the droid can replicate organic speech)
-Equipment: Blaster carbine (5D damage, range: 3-30/100/300)

Security Kit
A security kit is a set of special tools for bypassing electronic
and mechanical locks. It usually includes electronic components
and dedicated sensor devices. On most worlds, possession of a
security kit is illegal for anyone who doesn’t have the proper
permits, such as members of law enforcement agencies and professional
security experts.

Game Notes: This item gives it user a +1D bonus on security rolls. It
also provides a +1D bonus on any repair rolls relating to security
systems. A mastercraft security kit provides a +2D bonus to security
and contains a comlink that monitors frequencies typically used
by silent alarms, so the user can know if such an alarm has been
triggered at any point during the operation.

Equipment Pick Pocketed:

-Holdout Blaster
-Com Link

Equipment Added:

-Vibro Blade
-Standard Scope (X2)
-Blaster Carbine
-Blaster Rifle
-4 grenades (Fragmentation)
-Personnal Computer
-Code Cylander
-2X Holdout Blasters
-3X Com. Links

Droid Added Equipment:

Type: Launching projectile droid appendage
Skill: Missile weapons: projectile hand
Range: 2/7/12
Damage: 3D+2
Game Notes: Projectile hands can be used to attack a target or to
knock a blaster away.

Game Notes: A specialized sub-processor enables a droid to carry out a specific calculation or analysis more quickly or simultaneously
with other tasks. It grants the droid a single extra action each round that can only be used to perform an action related to a single skill, chosen at the time the sub-processor is created. This extra action does not count when calculation Multiple Action Penalties. A droid can only have one specialized sub-processor

Type: Enhanced locomotion system
Skill: Climbing/jumping
Game Notes: Locked access circuits prevent the droids shut-down
switch from being accessed by just anyone. The locked access systems
move the activation and deactivation switches to inside the
droid’s chassis. Thus, one must disable or subdue hostile droids
before shutting them down.

Type: Magnetic locomotion appendage
Game Notes: Allows droids to move normally across unstable or
slanted metallic surfaces, like a ship’s exterior. Only droids with
wheel, legs, or tread locomotion systems may be fitted with this
kind of appendage.

Type: Magnetic droid appendage
Game Notes: When used in conjunction with magnetic feet, magnetic
hands provide a +1D bonus to any climbing/jumping roll when
scaling portions of a starship’s hull. Also, the combination of magnetic
hands and feet adds +5 to the difficulty of any attempt to
knock the droid off a ship’s hull.

Type: Multiple tool droid appendage
Game Notes: This appendage can incorporate up to 3 tools or
weapons. Only one can be used at a time, but switching between
them is a free action.

Type: Droid stun weapon
Skill: Firearms: taser / melee combat
Range: 0-2/4/7
Damage: 4D stun/ion damage
Game Notes: A droid taser fires two small projectiles attached to
long, thin wires that deliver an electric charge that incapacitates
an organic target’s nervous and muscular systems, or interferes
with a droid’s systems like an ion gun. Additionally, a taser can be
used as a melee weapon like an electroshock probe.



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