Dack Storm


Dexterity 4D
Blaster 6D
(Heavy Blaster Pistol) 7D
Dodge 5D

Knowledge 2D
Languages 3D
Streetwise 2D+2

Mechanical 4D
Space Transports 6D
(YT-1260) 7D
Starship Gunnery 5D

Perception 3D
Con 4D
Gambling 3D
(Sabacc) 4D
Persuasion 3D+2
Search 3D+1
Sneak 3D+1

Strength 2D

Technical 3D
First Aid 3D+1
Space Transport Repair 3D+1

Debt +3D
Delusions of Grandeur +1D
Extremely Competitive +1D

Quick Draw (blasters) -2D

2 CP


Debt: Darga the Hutt
Dislikes Empire: No strong feelings one way or another

Dack Storm

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